About the Authors: Gloria and Helen Hoffner

Gloria Brady Hoffner, has been collecting rosaries for over 50 years.  She has shared her interest in rosaries with her daughter, Dr. Helen Hoffner, a professor at Holy Family University.   After many years of research, mother and daughter compiled their findings in a book, The Rosary Collector’s Guide.  Published by Schiffer Publishing, this 152 page, hardback reference book contains 240 color photographs of rosaries, crosses, crucifixes, and center medals.  It provides historical information for rosary collectors, antique dealers, and historians. While there are many excellent rosary prayer books, The Rosary Collector’s Guide is the first and only book devoted to rosary collecting. It contains historical insights and descriptions, explaining materials used and legends associated with various rosaries. Background information on rosary makers, answers to frequently asked questions, and a glossary to define related terms are also included. From the boxwood rosary owned by England’s King Henry VIII to those favored by Pope Francis, The Rosary Collector’s Guide brings new understanding of the both the rosary’s beauty and its place in history.   The Rosary Collector’s Guide is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, The Catholic Faith Store Online, and other bookstores and websites.


Helen and Gloria Hoffner, authors of The Rosary Collector's Guide



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