Fatima Rosaries & Pilgrimages: The Sacrifices of Lucia

4 Jun


In 2017, the Catholic Church is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mary’s appearance to three children in Fatima, Portugal.  This anniversary will bring additional tourists to the site of the apparitions.  While large crowds are now considered good news for the local economy, that was not always the case.

Lucia, the only one of the three children of Fatima who lived to adulthood, wrote of the hardships that visitors brought to her family.

The specific site of Mary’s appearance was a parcel of land owned by Lucia’s parents.  They called it the Cova da Iria.  This was very fertile ground on which the family grew corn, beans, and other vegetables.  Sheep grazed here.  In her 1946 writing, however, Lucia stated, “As soon as people began to gather there we could no longer use the land for anything, for the people trampled everything and what little was left was eaten by the pack-animals on which some of the people rode there” *     The family lost their vegetable gardens and they had to sell their flock of sheep because so many pilgrims came to the site.

Day and night visitors knocked on her door begging Lucia to pray for their special causes.  Others accused Lucia of making up stories about Mary just to make money.  The many guests made it nearly impossible for the family to earn a living.     Lucia regretted that the visions had cause tremendous turmoil and financial strain for her family.

Today, Lucia and the other two children of Fatima, Jacinta and Francisco, are honored as special messengers chosen by heaven.   It must be remembered, however, that they endured  many trials in bringing Mary’s message to the world.

Reference: Galamba de Oliveira, J. (1946). Jacinta: The Flower of Fatima. New York: The Catholic Book Publishing Company, pp. 154-155.


          Many rosaries now honor the children of Fatima.  The rosary shown above has images of the children on the cross.  This Fatima 100th anniversary rosary is made by the Ghirelli Company.


To learn more about rosaries, crosses, crucifixes, and center medals, read The Rosary Collector’s Guide by Gloria Brady Hoffner and Helen Hoffner.  This 152 page hardcover reference book has over 200 color photographs of rosaries ranging from those owned by England’s King Henry VIII to those honoring Pope Francis.  Published by Schiffer Publishing, The Rosary Collector’s Guide is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, the Catholic Faith Store, Walmart.com, and other book stores, religious article stores, and online sellers.




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