Pope Pius X and First Holy Communion

10 May

PiusXI  Catholics cherish religious articles that bear the image of popes.  The card above contains a relic of Pius X, who served as pope from  1903 to 1914.  Pope Pius X led many reforms.

Children today usually receive their first communion at age seven.  Prior to 1910, however, Catholics were not permitted to receive communion until the age of fourteen.  On August 15, 1910, Pope Pius X issued a document known as Quam Singulari, Decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Discipline of the Sacraments of First Communion.  This document reflected the belief that children reached the age of reason by seven and could receive communion.

PiusX2 The white communion dress and veil became popular after Pope Pius X lowered the age for the reception of First Holy Communion.  The picture above shows a seven year old girl wearing her communion dress and veil in 1936.  Notice that unlike today’s veils, this child’s veil is the same length as her dress.

PiusX3  The rosary box shown bears a picture of the pope.

PiusX5  The rosary box opens to show a picture of the Vatican.

PiusX6A miniature rosary fits inside the rosary box.


Religious articles bearing images of the popes remind us of the changes that have occurred in the Catholic Church.

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