1954 Marian Year Rosary

9 Nov


To celebrate special occasions, the Catholic Church may designate a year as a Marian Year, a time in which Catholics give special recognition to Mary, Mother of God. The Pope can declare a Marian Year to be recognized throughout the world, a Bishop’s Conference can celebrate a Marian Year within their country, or a local bishop can designate a Marian Year for only his own diocese.

Pope Pius XII declared 1954 a worldwide Marian Year to honor the 100th anniversary of the Dogma of Mary’s Assumption, the belief that upon the end of her time on earth, Mary was taken into heaven, body and soul. The plaque shown above was made of light plastic and showed the two significant years, 1854 and 1954.


The 1954 Marian Year rosary has a crucifix with symbols representing Mary in the corners.


The reverse of the crucifix has a crown representing Mary as Queen of Heaven and a letter M for her symbol.

The rosary’s center medal represents Mary as Queen of Heaven.
The reverse of the center medal has the words, “Annus Marianus 1954” (Marian Year 1954).
The 1954 Marian Year was a time in which Catholics gave special recognition to Mary. Some Catholic brides marrying in 1954 wore pale blue wedding gowns in tribute to Mary. Marian Year commemorative rosaries, plaques, and statues were popular.



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