Mother Teresa and the Job’s Tears Rosary

15 Jun

Known for her simplicity and humility, Mother Teresa of Calcutta used a rosary made of Job’s Tears for her personal prayers. The term Job’s Tears refers to a tear drop shaped fruit of the plant known by botanists as Coix lacryma-job. This natural element is a perfect choice for jewelry and rosary makers because it has a hard shiny coat and a hole at the tip that makes it easy to string for necklaces, bracelets, and rosaries. Research indicates that Job’s Tears have been used in jewelry since 3000 B.C.

According to legend, the name Job’s Tears was given to this fruit in memory of the many tears shed by Job in the Old Testament writings.

Mother Teresa chose to carry a simple rosary of Job’s Tears but during the Middle Ages members of religious orders were forbidden to carry rosaries made of more expensive materials such as amber.

The Job’s Tears Rosary shown above has a center medal with an image of Mother Teresa.


In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work. She received many additional honors. On September 5, 2010, the United States Postal Service issued a stamp bearing her image.


As Mother Teresa travelled around the world, the faithful listened to her message of hope. When she came to Chester, Pennsylvania in 1995, for example, more than 2.000 people stood in line for hours hoping to be allowed inside Blessed Katharine Drexel Church ( now Saint Katharine Drexel Church) to attend mass with her.

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