Military Rosaries : The Soldier’s Pullchain

25 May

This rosary kit was given to American soldiers during World War II.
Throughout history, members of the military have carried rosary beads to sites of conflict.
The Soldier's Pullchain Rosary

The Soldier’s Pullchain Rosary is highly valued by antique collectors. The first rosaries of this type were made in 1916 and were issued to military chaplains for distribution to members of the United States Armed Services during World War I. They were called Pullchain rosaries because the links resemble the pullchains used on lamps during that time period. The rosaries were thought to be strong enough to survive rough treatment on the battlefield.

World War II Soldier's Packet

During World War II, American soldiers were given khaki belt bags containing a prayer book and a rosary.

Men and women of the military carried small, one decade rosary rings in their pockets during times of war. Each Rosary Ring had a single decade of ten projections on which soldiers could pray Hail Marys. Although popular with military personnel, rosary rings originated in the 13th century and became very popular in the 16th century when those fearing religious persecution did not want to be seen with a full rosary.
Rosary Ring

The Rosary Ring shown below has the words of the Hail Mary on the front. The reverse shows that it was made as a reminder of the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine in Belleville, Illinois.


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