The Bishop Sheen World Mission Rosary

5 Feb

The World Mission Rosary, was designed by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in 1951, as a prayer for unity and world peace.  It has a different color for each decade, with each color representing one of the five continents.  

Color Geographical Area Symbolism
Blue (Sapphire) Australia/Oceana Countries andIslandsin the Blue Pacific
Green (Emerald) Africa GreenForestsand Jungles
White (Crystal) Europe Spiritual Capital of Early Christianity
Yellow (Topaz) Asia/Middle East/Orient Where the Sun Comes Up and Civilization Traditionally Began
Red (Ruby) The Americas/LatinAmerica/USA/Canada For Early Native Americans

 Fulton J. Sheen was a convert to the Catholic Faith, and a charismatic speaker.  He preached the Word of God on his own television show which was very popular in the 1950’s.  He always ended his television show with the words, “God love you”. 

This rosary, as well as, many other unusual rosaries, crucifixes, crosses, and center medals are described in our book, The Rosary Collector’s Guide, now available on

The book contains photographs and information on various kinds of rosaries.


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