Murano Glass Rosary

30 Jan


      As  a rosary collector, I often search for unusal rosaries when I travel.  During a visit to Italy, I purchased the rosary you see on this page  made of Murano Glass Beads.         

Murano Glass Rosary

In 1291, the Venice, Italy government ordered its glassblowers to move their foundries to the nearby island of Murano so that furnace fires would not destroyVenice’s wooden buildings.  Folklore states that an additional motive was that by moving all glassblowers to one location, the government could more easily control this high-profile industry. Stiff penalties were imposed on any glassblowers who wished to leave the island and practice their trade elsewhere.   Glassblowers enjoyed high status on the island and produced some of the most beautiful glass inEurope.  

Murano glass beads can be multicolor or a solid color.

To learn more about antique and unique rosaries, crosses, crucifixes, and center medals, read The Rosary Collector’s Guide by Gloria Brady Hoffner and Helen Hoffner. This 152 page hardcover reference book has 240 color photographs of antique and new religious articles.
The Rosary Collector’s Guide is available on, Barnes and, the Catholic Faith Store Online, and many bookstores, religious article stores, and online stores.


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